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Steps and tips to create a great Facebook Business Profile

Facebook Business
Business Profile
Facebook Business Profile
Profile for Facebook Business
Making Facebook Business Profile

Having difficulty creating a great Facebook business Profile? Well, isn’t that why you are reading this blog? It’s not at all a tough job to create a Great Facebook Business Profile and we are here to take you through each step (and tips) with detail so that you have a great Facebook business Profile!

We are sure when you decided to make this Business profile on Facebook, you would’ve already gathered all the content, ideas and pictures that you wish to put up on your Facebook Business Page. Now let’s just structure it all out to update that business profile of yours!

Let us kick in some inspiration before starting – You are not alone and 140 million other businesses use Facebook business to connect with their customers which comes as no surprise considering there are  2.5 billion users per month on Facebook! Imagine how much growth you will expect through this Business Page!

Great Facebook Business
Great Business Profile
Great Facebook Business Profile
Great Profile for Facebook Business
Illustration for Facebook Business

So you need to first log into your personal Facebook account. The account that you use on your personal profile will not be visible to the public or on the business page!

 Step 1 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Sign up

Choose the type of page you want to create. We are going ahead assuming that we’ll be creating a business profile. So hit “Get Started” for business page.

Now, your business page needs information. So enter the business page name.

Quick tip: Ideally use the name that people would search for when looking for your business profile! The move onto categorise your Business page. A few words describing your business profile should lead to a few suggestions. Feel free to choose as many categories as applicable for your business page.

Step 2 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Add Pictures

Human brain loves loves loves pictures and images! Upload profile photo and cover photo for your business profile. Choose smartly because it is important for your business page to have a great fun impression!

Good Facebook Business
Good Business Profile
Good Facebook Business Profile
Good Profile for Facebook Business
Add Picture on Social Media

Quick Tip: A logo or brand symbol would be an ideal way to go about this! In case you happen to be a public figure, then what better than your own picture for the Business Page? 

Technical tip: The picture on your business profile will show 820 x 312 pixels on desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile. Make sure to have the image at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall, but the recommended size to upload is 720 x 315 pixels for your business page.

Step 3 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Create your username

Vanity URL or username is the identity of your Business page. 

Quick Tip: Up to 50 characters are allowed for username of the business page. Don’t overdo it just because you can!

In the left menu tap “create page @Username” and set up the vanity URL for your business profile.

Step 4 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Add your business details

Go to “edit page info” in the top menu to fill out details for your business page. From here, all the important details about your business can be shared on the page.

Quick Tip: Categories option is available here once again. Add a few more if you believe it will help your business page reach a larger audience. 

Step 5 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Tell your story

Facebook Business Story
Business Profile Story
Facebook Business Profile Story
Profile Story for Facebook Business
Tell a Story

Quick Tip: EVERYONE loves stories. A story will help your business page to get a personal touch. Now in the description page of your business profile, add that personalised touch!

On the left menu, hit “see more” followed by “about” and then finally towards the right side “our story”

 Step 6 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Create your first post

Facebook Business post
Business Profile post
Facebook Business Profile post
Profile post for Facebook Business
Create a post

People need some content to go through when they visit your business profile! So post some valuable content on the business page and then invite people to your business profile!

Quick Tip: Sharing relevant stuff from leaders in the same field or creating stories of your own posts can come in handy on your business page! Get creative! No restrictions there!

Step 7 to create a great Facebook Business Profile: Publish your page

Publish Facebook Business
Publish Business Profile
Publish Facebook Business Profile
Publish Profile for Facebook Business
Publish your page

Now finally, slam the BIG GREEN button that reads “Publish Page” on the left hand menu!

Quick Tip: Take a deep breath and smile! Your business is now officially on facebook as a page!




Well, the only thing left to say now is “Congratulations on successfully creating a great Facebook business profile! Good Luck for your business!”

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