• What is Pay-per-click?
  • How does advertisements are made?
  • How Pay-per-click works?
  • Good platforms for PPC.

What is Pay-per-click?

       Pay-per-click is also termed as “PPC”.  PPC is one of the digital marketing as well as an advertisement channel to display ads on the search results page of the search engines. The search engines like Google, Bing, ask.com, yahoo, etc., Pay-per-click is used to make traffic to the websites so that, the advertisers pay to a publisher whenever the website user click the ads.

     Pay-per-click (PPC) is not only displayed at the time of search engine results but also at the usage of social medium like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  In short term, Pay-per-click is about paying for ads when it is clicked.

How does Pay-per-click advertisements are made ?

       The Pay-per-click advertisements are done through:

1.Google PPC Ads:   

     The Google Pay-per-click ads are done only in Google SERP(Search Engine Results Page).  The Google Pay-per-click advertisements are done at the top right of SERP. It involves the concept of CPC (Cost-per-Click).  The CPC is about the price which is actually paid for each click in the Pay-per-click. The cost is paid to the publisher when the website crawlers clicks the Pay-per-click advertisements in Google SERP.  The Google PPC includes the following:

  1. Search ads
  2. Local Search ads
  3. Display Network ads
  4. Pre-roll ads
  5. Remarketing or Retargeting

i.Search ads:  It is one of the most commonly used Pay-per-click advertisements in Google.  The Pay-per-click advertisements are shown at the time of relevant search in the search engines of Google.

ii.Local Search ads: It is a specialised subset of standard search ads.  Here, the ads are displayed on search results based on the location in search of Google maps or Google.

iii.Display Network ads:  This ad is not exactly a Pay-per-click advertisements but it is similar in process.  These ads are fully based on text or in rich media banners. This involves three different payment options namely, CPM(Cost-per-Impression), CPC(Cost-per-Click) and CPA(Cost-per-Aquisition).

iv.Pre-roll ads:   The best example for pre-roll ad is YouTube ads so while we are watching YouTube videos there will an ad at the time of video plays before.

v.Remarketing or Retargeting:   In remarketing, ads are displayed on the basis of when the website crawler searches for a particular business website’s or any other websites, and he leaves from the website, and entering into the other web search then automatically the ads will be displayed from the previously searched website.

2.Facebook and Instagram ads:

       The Facebook and Instagram ads are in the forms of both images (post) or in videos.  To know the target audience of your advertisements, you need to install the app Facebook Pixel. This app will show the target of audience in the forms demographics, desires, interest, etc.,  If the ad is viewed and liked by more number of people then it becomes post on your business pages.

3.LinkedIn ads:

      In LinkedIn, the Pay-per-click advertisements are done directly to the people based on job title, job description, skills, etc.,  In this, the ads are displayed in text with image based advertisements. So, it is quite easier to promote the business in massive way.

How Pay-per-click works?

 Pay-per-click involves two things:

  1. Ad auction
  2. Keywords

1.Ad auction: It is one of the bidding system to display advertisements on the search results page.  So, the each and every advertiser’s must bid on the terms which they want to use it as an keyword which is highly recommended.

2.Keywords:  Keywords are playing vital role at the time of ads display.  Keywords should be highly ranked by the search engines then only it is widely viewed and clicked by more website crawlers.

Good platforms for PPC:

          The best platforms for Pay-per-click (PPC) are:

  1.  Google AdWords
  2.  Bing
  3.  LinkedIn ads
  4. Twitter ads
  5.  Amazon ads
  6.  Bidvertiser
  7.  RevContent
  8.       AdRoll
  9.       Facebook ads
  10. BuySell ads
  11.  Advertise.com
  12. AdBlade
  13. AdRecover

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