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How to create an effective Marketing Funnel in simple steps!

A digital Marketing funnel
Effective digital marketing funnel
Create marketing funnel
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The digital Marketing funnel

To learn how to create an effective Marketing Funnel, let us take a look at some basic definitions. Marketing funnels are an expert marketing strategy that entails using different marketing tactics depending on where a person is in their buyer’s journey. Each customer goes through certain steps before finally making a purchase which leads us to create an Effective Marketing Funnel. These steps can be thought of as a path along which a consumer moves to become a customer essentially telling you how to create an Effective Marketing Funnel.

When marketers target people at different stages with different tactics, aimed at sending them further along the path, they are using a marketing funnel.

If you want your business’ sales process to run as efficiently as possible, you absolutely must get your marketing funnel – the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer.

Stages to create an effective Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel is categorised as the stages of an on the popular 4-stage AIDA(Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) model. This model follows a customer’s journey from the first point of interaction to conversion.

Digital Marketing funnel
Effective marketing funnel
Create digital marketing funnel
AIDA Model of Funnel Marketing
AIDA Model

However, marketing funnels can be customised and stages can be changed as needed. Some use a three-step funnel with lead generation, nurturing, and conversion as the three stages. Some add additional stages like customer retention and re marketing, after the conversion stage, it is all related to the business sales type.

Stage 1 to create an effective Marketing Funnel: Awareness

Spreading brand awareness and attracting audience attention define this stage of the marketing funnel. And, the success at this stage pertains to the number of leads you can direct down the tunnel to the next stage to increase business sales.

Stage 2 to create an effective Marketing Funnel: Interest

From a marketing strategy perspective, your goal at this stage should be to inform them about your product’s features, benefits, and how it is better than other products. This will help make your product more attractive to them.

Stage 3 to create an effective Marketing Funnel: Desire

From a marketing strategy perspective, this is the stage where you need to ensure that you provide that nudge and convert these high-intent leads into customers. You need to interact with your prospective customers in a way that increases the desirability of your product.

Stage 4 to create an effective Marketing Funnel: Action

This is the final stage of a marketing funnel during which the consumer takes the desired action and converts into a customer. Any marketing materials targeted at customers at the bottom of the funnel should convey a sense of urgency to take action.

Why do we need to create an effective Marketing Funnel?

Marketing funnels help provide a structure to all your marketing strategies and tell you how to target a customer in the best way. Marketing is much more effective when you target prospects based on which stage of the funnel they are in.

Need of Digital Marketing funnel
Why have an effective marketing funnel
Create a digital marketing funnel
Model of Funnel Marketing
Simple illustration of AIDA Model

People at the top of the funnel are not even aware of your brand yet, so you can’t simply expect them to make a purchase, you need to inform them first. Sending a bottom-of-the-funnel prospect marketing material aimed at spreading brand awareness is equally futile.

The best way to target consumers and to increase business sales is to know where they are in the marketing funnel and use the right marketing tactics to direct them further down the tunnel.

Now you know what a marketing funnel is and what are the stages to target your prospective customers. However, a marketer’s job does not end with a customer making a purchase. You should have a marketing strategy in place to ensure that these hard-earned customers stay with your brand for a long time and your business sales increase.

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