Digital Marketing in the age of COVID-19

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Digital Marketing in the age of COVID-19:

The world of digital marketing includes several aspects like content, audience, timing, marketing strategy, and more. You need to have the right content on the right platform at the right time for the right target audience to be successful in your efforts.

Digital marketing blogs are a reservoir of content covering the latest trends, techniques, strategies, tools, and more in digital media.

The coronavirus has spread uncontrollably and governments around the world are still trying to contain it by closing schools, public spaces, and borders. This has affected all businesses – and marketers need to adapt their digital marketing strategy. Physical events such as business conferences, sporting events, and concerts have been cancelled and global markets have been in a free fall. Companies, such as Unilever, Spotify, and Google, are encouraging employees to work from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our daily lives in more ways than expected. Social distancing is a common term around the world, retail operations have closed their doors, remote work has increased exponentially, digital and search ad budgets are taking a hit, and uncertainty abound.

Although daily routines and work-life are disrupted now, things will improve, and as part of the digital advertising community, we just need to adapt to the changing conditions.

What trends have been increased during pandemic situation?

It can be seen that the internet usage in cities has risen steadily over the past month, peaking at 54%. Internet penetration in rural areas stands at 32%, whereas the national average is 40 per cent. This makes it even more important for the companies to shift their businesses online to stay connected with their audiences.

Part of the reason why industries are closing down was the change in Web users’ behaviour, resulting in some recognisable online trends — for example, in organic traffic and conversion rates. Unsurprisingly, website traffic has typically increased in sectors such as television, streaming platforms, banking, and healthcare related News. 

Some of the industries which saw a decrease in website traffic are transportation, manufacturing, and advertisement. The lockdown made the people shift their focus from offline to online. Similarly, conversion rates for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and media industries have increased while those for transportation, manufacturing, and travel have gone down.

Organize Webinars and Webcasts

Webinars and webcasts have emerged as a great marketing tool in recent. In fact, it is the most engaging content type today. Stats show that more than 80% of user prefer watching brand videos rather than reading their blogs or scanning through their social network text updates.  You can take this opportunity to engage with your audience and get new sign-ups and sales, eventually. 

If your physical events such as product launch, marketing seminars were cancelled or postponed, through which you had plans to gain traction, you could still go that way. 

Just prepare a content strategy, choose the right platform, and assemble the pieces of equipment, and you are ready for your webinar or webcasting.

How corona virus is driving new changes in Digital marketing

Coronavirus lockdown has halted many business processes starting from manufacturing, supply chain to logistics, and marketing.  

Some businesses have closed or paused their digital marketing activities temporarily, citing the health concerns of their employees. If you are on that side, what you will have in the end is drastically decreased online traffic, sales, engagement, conversation, and pushed down search ranking. 

Digital marketing is not a quick-fix solution to gain momentum. It does not give you visibility overnight. If you are using digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM) – I believe you are already aware that your implementations take three to four months’ time to give results. So, if you choose to stop working on digital marketing, you would see a severe downfall after a quarter or so.  

A pro tip for digital marketing is – keep it flexible. If there are provisions for alterations in your digital marketing strategy, you would be able to adapt to any situation. 

Best Digital Marketing Company For My Business - Sparsh Garg Pvt. Ltd. Company
Best Digital Marketing Company For My Business – Sparsh Garg Pvt. Ltd. Company

The solution

This is a difficult time for us all. You as an employer will need to keep your workers motivated in order to ensure that the work does not gets delayed or stopped. Asking to work from home will be a great support for your employees, as well as for your digital marketing. 

But the most important question here is, what strategies should digital marketers follow?  

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically. We all see a different consumer today. As mentioned above, markets are closed, necessities are out of stock or being sold at 30% to 50% increased rates, buyers and their families are staying at home – some of which have lost their jobs and have limited sources of earning.  This behavioural shift has changed the market scenarios as well. We have a completely different market to serve. 

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