Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and you want to become a affiliate marketer then at very first you should have to know that what is affiliate marketing. 

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Affiliate marketing is a process where you can earn a commission by promoting products of other companies.

It is a way which a company adopts to advertise their product in a better way.

affiliate marketers can promote or advertise their product by sharing it on different social media platforms like Instagram Facebook, blogs or other websites.

Every time an affiliate make sales by promoting they earn a commission.

Some benefits of affiliate marketing


This marketing is totally based on the performance of the affiliate. Because an affiliate only can earn a commission when he made a sales and this will encourage and motivate him to promote more.

Benefits is written here.

Not necessary to be an expertise

It is not necessary to be expertise in this field. It is totally based on practice the more you practice the more you become better.

A side project 

You can do it partly by doing your another job. You are not required to quit your current job you can just use it as your side line or side project and then you see how much you can earn over time.

A flexible job

It is totally flexible job you can work whenever you want. There are no boundations. You are free to work as per your schedule. 

You don’t even have to worry about after-sales customer concerns that what are your customers feedback and many more. but if any problem occurs you can just conveniently pass it on to the merchants own customer support team.

No loss

You can earn is just profit there is no loss in this field. There is no financial risk involved in affiliate marketing so you don’t have to worry about any kind of loss.

No initial cost required

There is no initial cost required while signing up with the merchant. the sign up is usually free in all the affiliate programs.

No time limit

being in a period there are no foundations for work, you are your own boss. You can work in free time and earn profits.

Sales process

Being an affiliate you don’t have to worry about processing orders payments or invoicing. Because this all will be handled by the merchant .

No particular location

You are not supposed to go anywhere to fullfill the job. You can do it anywhere by your own with your internet connectivity.


Conclusion is written here.

I have mentioned above that what is affiliate marketing and what are the benefits of affiliate marketing.

There are also some drawbacks as every other business have.

It is a good way to earn some income.

but before you go for it make sure that you have enough knowledge about it, like how you can start affiliate marketing.

And also some examples of big companies like affiliate marketing on Amazon for affiliate marketing on Flipkart.

you should also know that how to be a affiliate marketer and what to do to be a affiliate marketer.

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